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14th Annual Chicago 16" Hall of Fame Banquet

January 23, 2010 At The Hawthorne Race Course In Cicero

Irv Porter & Bill Wadington

Chicago Sixteen Inch Hall of Fame - Class of 2009

Cicero: More than 430 people gathered at the Hawthorne Race Course in Cicero on January 23rd to honor seventeen individuals and three teams being inducted into the Chicago Sixteen -inch Hall of Fame. Master of Ceremonies George Bliss opened the program by playing a video created by Hall of Fame Co-founder Al Maag's son, Zach, highlighting the opening of the Hall of Fame's Outdoor Park in Forest Park during July, 2009.

Bliss then brought up the new president of the Hall of Fame, Ron Kubicki, who welcomed everyone to the evening banquet and presented the outgoing president Gary Thorsen with an award for his long service to the Hall. Kubicki said, "We would be remiss if we didn't say thank you for all the hard work you have done for us." Thorsen, accepting this award, said,"To be able to rub elbows with the men who have made this game what it is has been an honor for me."

Kubicki went on to announce that the Hall of Fame would sponsor a Sixteen -inch World Series Tournament in September at Forest Park, a youth tournament at Forest Park's complex, and the unveiling of this year's inductee plaques on Sunday, July 25 at the Outdoor Inductee Park in Forest Park. That day the Second Annual Hall of Fame North VS South charity game will also be played. Kubicki closed his remarks by thanking the volunteers and the key people for all their hard work on behalf of the Hall of Fame. He also encouraged everyone to remember the Hall of Famers that have departed us to play the game in heaven

Taft High School - 2009 Chicago City Sixteen Inch Champions

John Hie presented Ed Curry from the Chicago Public Schools and the 2009 Chicago Public League City Champions Taft High School. Curry spoke about Taft High School winning the city title. Taft High School's sixteen-inch head coach Kirk Vidas said, "I am not only the coach at Taft High School I am also a PE teacher. I have to tell you that sixteen- inch softball is alive and well at Taft High School any day that we have that allows us to play sixteen-inch softball we are playing sixteen-inch softball."

Bliss took a time out at this point to dedicate this evening to Sheila Raines who came out of the stands to administer CPR to Steve Heinol at the 2009 ASA Class A National Tournament in Iowa, an act that quite possibly saved his life.

After the rest of the inductions were completed, Bliss on acknowledged Flashback for winning the ASA Major Nationals, Traffic for winning the ASA Class A Nationals, Mutiny for winning the NSA Class A Nationals, Miller Forty-fives for winning the Forest park No Glove title, and Windy City twice for winning both the North / South Championship in Berwyn and the Tournament of Champions in Westchester.

The evening's program was concluded by the Chicago Sixteen- inch Hall of Fame Co-founder Tony Reibel who said, "First and foremost I want to congratulate all the inductees tonight and I'd like to recognize all the past inductees that are here tonight. Reibel went on to thank the people at Hawthorne Race Course for all their help. He also thanked all the unacknowledged people who did a lot of work behind the scenes. He closed by saying, "All I can say is it has been another successful night. See you next year,"

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