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Illinois ASA Hall of Fame 2010

Decatur Hotel and Convention Center - March 27, 2010


(Top L-R) Gary Fraase & Pat Creek - (Bottom) Larry Ginger & Glen Brandt

Illinois ASA Hall of Fame - Class of 2010

Decatur: The 40th Annual Illinois ASA Hall of Fame induction banquet was held at the Decatur Hotel Conference Center in Decatur to welcome six new inductees plus four additional teams with the honor of becoming members of the best of the best club in Illinois ASA softball on March 27, 2010.

The purpose of the Illinois ASA Hall of Fame is to honor those men and women from the state of Illinois who have played a major role in the development of the game of softball as one of America's greatest sports

To help bring to the attention of the people of the state of Illinois and America, the widespread value of, and interest in, the game of softball, by so honoring those who have made outstanding contributions to its success

ASA Commissioner Ken Hancock spoke the invocation before everyone sat down to a buffet style dinner top off by succulent deserts.

State Commissioner Don Brewer served as the evenings 'Master of ceremonies and using his experience as a former school board superintendent he kept things moving a brisk and lively pace throughout the evening. Brewer opened the program by asking all the current Illinois ASA Hall of Famer's in attendance to stand and be recognized by the more than two hundred and eighty individuals who paid to see a teammate, friend or loved one be inducted into this special softball hall of honor.

The evening's program opened with Brewer introducing Joe Snedeker from Casey. Snedeker made an announcement that the ASA Hall of Fame building in Casey Illinois is undergoing a major rehabilitation program. Snedeker told the story how softball with lights came to Casey back in 1935. Snedeker went on to announce that on July 3rd the dedication of the newly remodeled Illinois ASA Hall of Fame building in Casey will hold its ribbon cutting ceremony and that everyone is invited to attend. Snedeker explained some of the ways the Hall of Fame is raising money before turning the microphone over to Steve Voris who explained how memorabilia would be collect and displayed at the Illinois ASA Hall of Fame.
Brewer recognized his Illinois ASA Executive Board for all their work and dedication that they give to not only this banquet but to the game of softball with a special recognition going to Jim Nicol who is the Chairman of the Illinois ASA Hall of Fame Committee and also to Jerry Stewart who serves as the Cochairman of the Illinois ASA Hall of Fame Committee.

The Illinois ASA has three prestigious annual awards that are given out at the conclusion of the Hall of Fame induction ceremony. The Don Plarski Award is given an umpire. Jim Pownall presented this year recipient by saying, "He has twenty-seven years experience as a player and an umpire. He is currently considered one of out better umpires and is truly deserving of this prestigious award. He is always willing to help in anyway he can to promote the game He has umpired twenty-five state tournaments and seven national tournaments. Jack Gullion.

In his acceptance remarks Gullion said, "This is a real honor for me."I was fortunate to be around some very good umpires and as long as you were willing to learn they were willing to teach,"

The Moreland Jay Fink Award was presented by Bob Adams to said, "This award is present to the person who does the most for youth softball Jerry Stewart."

Accepting this ward Stewart said, "I just want to say thank the Illinois ASA and God bless everybody."

The evenings final presentation is the Chuck McCord - John Rowe Award with Leroy Emerick making the presentation. Emerick said, "It is my pleasure to introduce the Jackson County Animal Control Officer His name is Lloyd Nelson.

Nelson said, "I want to thank the committee for honoring me with this award." He closed by saying, "I'd like to thank all of you. Whether you know me or not, you are part of the ASA family and you have forged me and all the people who are participating in ASA into a tight family that tries to do the best for all of you and that's what it is all about. Thank you."


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