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41st Illinois ASA Hall of Fame

Held at the Decatur Holiday Inn & Convention Center

Illinois ASA Hall of Fame - Class of 2011

(L-R) LeRoy Staley, Lloyd Stewart, Hank Dunham, Joe Tomlinson,

Mrs. Larry Diuguid, Linda Wilson & Mike Hopkins

Decatur: The 41st Annual Illinois ASA Hall f Fame Induction Banquet was held on Saturday April 9, 2011 at the Decatur Hotel and Conference Center in Decatur. Illinois ASA Commissioner Ken Hancock gave the invocation before more than three hundred sixty people were served a buffet style dinner before seeing seven individuals and four teams enter into this hallowed hall of honor for their outstanding softball accomplishments.
Don Brewer the Illinois ASA State Commissioner served as the Master of Ceremonies and he kept the evening's program moving with the help of his good friend and Illinois ASA Commission Jerry Stewart who also is the cochairman of the Illinois ASA Hall of Fame Committee.
E.T. Colvin, from Mississippi, the ASA National President elect, was in attendance and was also given an honorary induction into the Illinois ASA Hall of Fame. Colvin accepting this honorary induction chose to address those being inducted by saying, "One of the great things about being president elect is that I get to attend these types of functions and meet people who love the game of softball as much as I do." He closed by saying; "Thank you for allowing me join you tonight in enjoying these festivities tonight and if they're ever is anything that I can do for you my name is in all of those two hundred thousand rules books out there, and I look forward to the rest of the evening"
Brewer asked for all the member of the Illinois ASA Hall of Fame to stand and be recognized. Brewer went on to recognized all the ASA commissioners and dignitaries in attendance.
The Illinois ASA Hall of Fame museum from Casey made a short presentation showing what they have done since the ribbon cutting of the Hall of Fame last July 3rd.
Before the evening's program ended three special awards that are so important in the Illinois ASA that are given annually at the Hall of Fame. The Don Plarski Umpire Award for umpiring accomplishments over the coarse of their career was earned by Mary Sylvester. Jerry Stewart presented this award to her by saying, "I had several male umpires come up to me and ask why we (The ASA) were choosing women to work the state championship game of the Men's 45 & Over National Tournament and I simple told them because they earned the job."
Accepting Mary Sylvester said, "Umpiring has been a big part of my life. And I have made a lot of friends. Umpiring is a family just like a softball team is a family." She closed with a simple "Thank you."
This year's recipient of the Moreland Fink JO Award was Cary Frey Cary who was not able to attend this year's induction banquet so Bob Adams who was to present this award to him accepted on his behalf.
The Rowe - McCord Meritorious Service Award was award to Paul Tomazzoli for his lifelong dedication to the Illinois ASA program. Jerry Stewart presented this most prestigious award to Tomazzoli by saying, "I worked with Paul in Effingham at the Women's State tournament and I thought I saw something there. I think he has a chance to make a real good umpire. He stayed with and he stayed with and he is one of the best!"
Accepting his award Tomazzoli said, "This award is a great privilege I want to thank the ASA and also I want to thank my wife. Thank you."

L) Mary Sylvester was awarded the Don Plarski Award

R) Paul Tomazzolli was awarded the Rowe-McCord Meritorious Service Award

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