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Illinois ASA Hall of Fame

July 3, 2010 - Casey, Illinois


Casey: The Illinois ASA has opened the doors to its new 'Hall of Fame' building located at Fairview Park in Casey, Illinois on Saturday July 3rd with the official ribbon cutting ceremony. Illinois State ASA Commissioner Don Brewer was on hand along with twenty-nine Illinois ASA Hall of Fame inductees. Also on hand were the mayor of Casey Scott Elkins and many of the key people responsible for bringing this idea that some thought was a pipe dream.
The festivities program outlined how this came to be. The headline proclaimed "The Illinois ASA Softball Hall of Fame and the history of Casey Softball Hall of Fame & Museum.'
Quoting from the program, "Casey is rich in the tradition of amateur competition. For several years the pastime has been a mark of excellence. Prior to 1876 there was no central place dedicated to preserve the accomplishments and memories of the various softball players and teams,
The Casey Hall of Honor and Museum was the brainchild of trusties LeRoy Staley, Joe Snedeker and W.M. 'Moe' Ashley.


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