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NSA Illinois 2005

Dear Players and Managers:

2005 should be a great one for Illinois NSA teams! The NEW DIAMOND GRAND SLAM SERIES will give additional berths, travel money and LOYALTY BUCKS to participating NSA Teams in both Northern and Southern Illinois.

League teams can not only earn berths to the state but also the Super Regionals as well as participate in a NEW FUN-E in-house tournament program!

The 2005 rule changes are listed below. Our approved bat and ball list can be viewed on-line at www.illinois.nsa.com. It is updated every Thursday throughout the season. New approvals are always listed in red.

We are proud to announce our NEW COED DIRECTOR Vicky Zarembka whose enthusiasm and contacts will lead to the growth of the coed program both in teams and tournaments. Tim "Demo" Demetrulias, Assistant State Director is doing a find job building the NSA program in southern Illinois!

Illinois offers a quality 16-inch program headed by Les Duncan, a Black American program headed by Willis Miles, a masters and a senior program!

Also welcome to NEW NSA PARKS Godley, Carlyle and Redbud!

Illinois will also offer a NEW Men's A/AA NIT tournament and a Class A State Championship. Illinois will offer Class B, C, D and E Super World Series qualifiers as well as a Class C, D and E Super Regionals. Illinois will be host to the 2005 Men's Class E World Series in Kankakee.

NSA has put together an attractive program for teams in 2005! We welcome you to play in the NSA…The Player's Association!

Our 2005 schedule is posted on this website! For more details on these tournaments and programs, please visit our website at www.illinoisnsa.com!

Gerry Gund
Illinois NSA State Director
E-mail: illinoisnsa@aol.com
Phone: 815-932-4536

1. Caught wearing Metal cleats it will be an Ejection
2. No longer a hat/visor rule - they don't have to be the same.
3. Can start with 9, but must take an out in the line up for the entire game. (can't add the tenth player) Start with 9 finish with 9.
4. "D" Home run Rule - 1 home run limit. The first home run over the limit is an out and any subsequent home runs will be subject to the progressive penalty rule. NOTE: This means 3rd HR hit = out and give one run to the other team, 4th HR = 2 runs, 5th HR = 3 runs etc.
5. Tournament Director can declare that the home runs not be run out in C and higher or in competitive divisions of specialty programs.
6. First place team in Men's B, C, D and E SUPER WORLDS will have their entire roster of players moved up to the next highest class the following Year. They would not be allowed to play in the same class they played in the previous year.
7. Softballs - Teams can hit their own ball in ALL NSA Adult tournaments except World and Super Worlds. This will be the choice of the tournament director.
8. Move up Appeal - Teams that go 2-2 in the Supers and have one of the two or both of the two wins by forfeit may appeal their move up.
9. NSA will have Super World Coordinator for the 2005 season, to oversee Berth's, travel money, rosters and post information to the website. Bill Horton has been appointed to this position.
10. Major/AA/A will have Jim Kimmel oversee the rosters in 2005

Thank you for your support of NSA!

Gerry Gund
NSA Illinois State Adult Director
932 N Vaughn Drive
Kankakee, Illinois 60901
E-mail: illinoisnsa@aol.com
Website: www.illinoisnsa.com

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