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Three game Guarantee Brackets

23 Teams
24 Teams
25 Teams
26 Teams
27 Teams
28 Teams
29 Teams
30 Teams
31 Teams
32 Teams
33 Teams
34 Teams
35 Teams
36 Teams
37 Teams
38 Teams
39 Teams
40 Teams
41 Teams
42 Teams
43 Teams
44 Teams
45 Teams
46 Teams
47 Teams
48 Teams

  1. Select your bracket by the number of teams that are entered into the tournament your are hosting
  2. Save that bracket to your computer by giving it a name or date so that you can find it easily again later.
  3. Fill in bracket with team names and game time, than save it to your computer again.
  4. E-mail the bracket to I.S.R. ( as an attachment
  5. I.S.R. will than post your bracket for everyone to see saving you many phone calls.
  6. At the completion of the tournament fill in the completed bracket and e-mail it to I.S.R. so that it may be added to the current years 'Tournaemnt Results' file.

*** Note Bottom left hand side of bracket will show Sheet 1, Sheet 2, & Sheet 3.

Sheet 1 is the winner's bracket.

Sheet 2 is the loser's bracket.

Sheet 3 is a game time & field number listing.


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